Saturday, October 4, 2014

Well! How about that??!!

So I honestly TOTALLY forgot that I even had this blog and yet while laying in bed nursing a sore neck (story to follow) I somehow found my way back to the world of blog.

So much has happened since some of my last post... for instance... I saw that in April 2012 that Rodger had started Heald College.  Well fast forward to this last Friday.... and Rodger has COMPLETED Heald College with an AAS & AA!  And so our family begins this new journey called... finding that job..

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here is the Cliff Notes version of My10Kids...
1) Brandi married RJ
2) Adam graduated from ARC and now lives in Stockton with the Star of our lives.
3) Holly is working hard at the bank in Petaluma (worlds cutest town) and is the calm one in the family in a crisis.
4) Heather & Esmon had Jaxon...  can't believe he is almost 1!
5) Brittany & Ashlyn are AMAZING and still in Junction... oh how I miss them.
6) Candace graduated from Art Institute of Utah with her Bachelors!
7) Courtney & Jorge now have 2 amazing little men.... Emilio (2 yrs old) and Adrian (5 months) and Jorge is managing and and Head baker at Boudin's and Courty is Hiring Manager (and a bunch of other stuff)
8) Chad graduated from Bear Creek in 2012, after being the freaking PROM KING! And now is studying theatre at Delta
9) Saren is 16 and beautiful.... she owns backstage at BCHS in Courtney's footsteps!! Keeping the drama going in our theatrical lives.
10) Spencer is 16 and charming all the ladies... while playing basketball at BCHS!!
I'm going to Delta and taking sign language classes and hoping to start at Heald next year... I found Pinterest and am seriously addicted.... its the coolest dang thing....

Now... why does my neck hurt? Today we were in a car accident... NO I WAS NOT DRIVING AND NO IT WAS NOT MY CAR!!! Both are HUGE bonuses... at least to me.  Everyone came out of it a little shook up but none the worse for the wear except the cars... thats why we have insurance!

So I'm off to nurse my neck and get some sleep....
I will try to keep this updated!!!

As Always,
I'm Just Juls