Thursday, February 9, 2012

ahhh,... the dentist

So today started out pretty good,  it was sunny and clear outside and I was on a walk, spending some time with my boy Chad.  I can't believe he is going to be 17 in a couple of weeks... 
Anyway, so we head out and go for a walk to the dentist... (his wisdom teeth are growing in).  The appointment is at 10:00 AM- they get us in promptly and begin with x-rays and the like.  Survey says he has 6 small cavities- upper right, lower right and upper left- HAHAHA  The reason that is funny is because the LOWER LEFT is the part of his mouth that hurts from the wisdom teeth.

       (this is the picture of him right after the shots- before the pain kicks in)

He has a bright idea, 'let's just get the fillings all done at one time', SOOOO, 4 hours and 7 shots later, he has 6 new pretty white fillings and a numb face.

At one point I told them.. I'm going next door to Jack in the Box to get something to eat (2 tacos no lettuce of course) and they tell me I can't go because he's a minor- I then told them that he is 6'2" and he can probably handle himself while I spend 5 minutes next door.  Since I had my cell phone they let me go.  I really wanted a sandwich from Panera... but NO... he's a minor... hehehe, good thing I love jack in the crack eh?

So after the dentist appt and taking him to Jamba Juice (yeah he's spoiled)~ we go into Sports Authority to see Courtney~ her and I look over and he is looking in the mirror making faces at himself.... it was hilarious~

This is his kissy face.... and now he is upstairs with tylenol and an ice pack... 

All this and he STILL has to have his wisdom teeth surgically removed... that should be tons of fun...

So we finally got home around 4:30~!!  It was a really long day, which wouldn't be so bad except I have to take the twins in on the 20th!  Does that mean 8 hours?? Guess Sheri was right and I should pack a lunch!  

Friday, February 3, 2012

What a wonderful day!!

I am so happy and blessed today!  The sun is shining, I've actually gotten some things accomplished... but most importantly... I am now the proud wife of a College Student!!  Yep... Rodger is starting school at the end of the month.... we figured that the time is going by whether or not we are trying to make a better life for ourselves so we might as well help it out.  The Lord only helps those that help themselves, right?

I hope everyone has a great weekend...
I love you all,
Just Juls