Friday, January 20, 2012

Hilarious kids..... I'm so lucky!

I have the funniest kids..... their wit is quicker than anything I have ever seen... 

They fight like any other siblings but when they get along... which is quite often.. its priceless and never a dull moment!
For instance... tonight I got this great idea (NOT) to buy buffalo wings... if you know me you know that I do NOT eat spicy or hot... let alone.. BUFFALO hot!  So Chad is eating the wings and as long as he is eating them he is fine, but when he waits for a minute the spice kicks in.  His reaction was priceless!  Then the brainiac gets this great idea- that only Chad could get- and he uses some of the sauce as war paint under his eyes. 

 Saren and I laughed until we cried, soda came out of her nose and I about wet myself.  He was beyond miserable.... PRICELESS!  Probably not nice to laugh at his pain- but it was HILARIOUS!
I love my kids so much!  Never a dull moment in our home.

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