Friday, January 27, 2012

Ahhhh Friday.... or... Never tell me that I CANT do something!

So its Friday afternoon... and I can barely walk... why?  Because I NEEDED- not wanted- NEEDED, some caffeine yesterday so as Saren & Spencer are getting ready to leave for school my brain kicks in and says... "hey I'll ride Courtney's bike to school with you since Quik Stop is just down the street from it."  Saren looks at me like I'm on crack and should go back to bed and Spencer says - no mom.... you'll hurt yourself, I will go for you and just be late to school....  So me being me, I took that as a challenge!!  So doing what any mom, that has her 13 year old call her out, does.... I got my butt on Courtney's bike and rode to Quik stop!  I don't think I've ridden an actual bike in probably... A WHOLE LOT OF YEARS!
I was so proud of myself ~ but I did know that when I woke up this morning I was going to hate myself~ well I don't hate myself... but I am going to make myself at least ride around the block so that I can get those thigh muscles working.

Have a great day and be nice to each other... 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hilarious kids..... I'm so lucky!

I have the funniest kids..... their wit is quicker than anything I have ever seen... 

They fight like any other siblings but when they get along... which is quite often.. its priceless and never a dull moment!
For instance... tonight I got this great idea (NOT) to buy buffalo wings... if you know me you know that I do NOT eat spicy or hot... let alone.. BUFFALO hot!  So Chad is eating the wings and as long as he is eating them he is fine, but when he waits for a minute the spice kicks in.  His reaction was priceless!  Then the brainiac gets this great idea- that only Chad could get- and he uses some of the sauce as war paint under his eyes. 

 Saren and I laughed until we cried, soda came out of her nose and I about wet myself.  He was beyond miserable.... PRICELESS!  Probably not nice to laugh at his pain- but it was HILARIOUS!
I love my kids so much!  Never a dull moment in our home.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Creative Gene.... the Taylor side of me!

Hello there and happy Thursday...
I had an epiphany last night.... I'm not quite as retarded as I keep telling myself that I am.  I've decided that I'm going to be more creative... I know how to sew, cross stitch and cook... I am just going to try to get better at it!  I am also going to have my friend teach me to knit.... what's the worse that can happen? I end up with a ball of yarn for my cat??  
I've got that Taylor DNA in me somewhere... and if anyone knows any of the Taylor's it means that I MUST be able to do something!!
Any ideas, suggestions, helpful hints I will take them....

okay... and now to my wishing for rain.... we FINALLY have rain here in Stockton... not alot but it's better than nothing right?  But did it seriously have to come with the subarctic temperatures?  Even without the weather man telling me rain was on the way... I could have told you... oh the pains from getting old.  My hands have hurt all day... and my knees.  The good news is that my hip doesnt hurt... maybe because it's artificial.  Bring on the ibuprofen and the electric blanket.

and for my last rant of the night.... (maybe)... how exactly does a 45 year old dress? I don't want to do frumpy but I also don't want to be that 'old lady trying to be 18 again'.... Velvet... time for a shopping trip!!  At least to try on clothes even if I don't buy anything... how fun..... like playing dress up!

Have a good, warm and safe evening~
Just Juls

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good morning world....
Happy Tuesday..
I've decided that I'm going to be a positive person today...
Not just "I'm positive its 22 degrees outside and I'm numb" but .... more along the lines of .. good things happen to those that make good things happen, pay it forward, etc etc...
Gotta get out of the funk and into the FUN!  I'm going to work on not procrastinating so bad!  (but I may put it off for awhile..)
Also... I'm 100% POSITIVE that I have AMAZING freaking kids!!!! I'm so proud of them I can hardly stand it.  I know I have people around me that figure I should just get a shirt or a billboard so that I can quit talking about how baller my kids are!  Evidently they don't know me very well or they would know that if I had a shirt on that said how amazing my kids are... I would then have to point out to everyone my 'amazing kids' shirt and explain how amazing they are!! Silly people!!
Okay... I'm off to make this day amazing! 
I've got my pepsi... life is good... 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello? Winter? Where are you?

Was I upstairs reading when winter stopped by?  I certainly have missed it.  Today I actually had a window open... I mean really? 64 degrees in January?  The birds are chirping like crazy... I think they are saying 'what the heck? where do we fly? I'm so confused', there are bears looking at each other... are we supposed to have new babies now or hibernate?  my flowers in the backyard are wanting to bloom... I've turned the sprinklers back on ... the trampoline is up...  can't believe I'm going to say this... but I miss the rain.  Bring it on mother nature!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 *** TWO THOUSAND TWELVE *** 2012

Happy 2012!!
It's a New Year with a new optimism and hope for a great time for everyone!
We had Holly, our daughter, go to BYU-Idaho today.  She is SO EXCITED to be there and we are so excited to have her taking this next step in her life.  Chad, Saren & Spencer come home on Saturday!! I can't wait to see them... they have been missed.  Courtney had her 1st day in her new calling as the Primary Music Leader... she is so excited and it was awesome to see her coloring and planning- it will be exciting to see her grow in this calling and work with the youth. El Dorado ward is very lucky to have Courtney in their primary... 
Hopefully the year will continue to get better- lets all try to stay positive and happy and healthy-
I love you all... 
Just Juls