Thursday, February 2, 2017


Well Hello there world....
It's been WAY to long since I've posted anything on this blog so since I was looking at my cousin, Austin's Mission Blog. Well actually she is my cousins daughter so... well that is just semantics. Anyway she is in week 4 of her mission. She is in Wyoming in a town of 288 people.  And the cold... chills me to the bone just thinking about it. I am so incredibly proud of her. First in her family to serve so that is pretty cool.
I've also been following some of the girls that my kids grew up with and their missions. Sora Taylor Holiday in Rome Italy and Sorella Lucy Gleason in the Romania/Moldova Mission. First it took me a little bit to come to grips with the fact that they were old enough to serve missions... cuz that just makes me OLDER!  Once I was okay with that I have so enjoyed watching them grow in as women and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I can't believe how fast time has been going for them already.

As a Ward Missionary in our ward here in Stockton, I am in charge of the ward Sister Missionary Dinner Calendar. I am pretty proud to say that our ward is so awesome.... our missionaries have dinner appointments EVERY NIGHT!!  Way to go Don Avenue Ward.  Transfers come soon, February 14th - I think I am more apprehensive about them then Sister Hupp (Missouri) and Sister Turner (Layton, UT) are. They have been here for 6 months, ever since Sister Hupp came out on her mission.... I am pretty sure there will be a change- just don't know what it will be.  I would like to think that at least ONE of them will stay here... to me it wouldn't make sense to send two in blind... but that's why I'm not the mission president. So we will just have to see.

Helping the Sister Missionaries and reading the blogs and emails from the other missionaries has really helped me stay focused on what is important in my life. It has truly helped keep me heading forward. My Bishop recently said... we are not stagnant people.... if we are not moving forward we are still moving... just NOT in the right direction. Smart Man!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Well I did it....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Well I did it..... 
I've made it through the toughest 3 weeks to date....
Last week I, whats the word I'm looking for... , woke up August 7th at 1:45 with a start. And then I realized... it wasn't just a bad dream. This year it has been 19 years since my daddy, my rock, my hero, my Iron Rod, the man I looked up to for EVERYTHING has left this earth. He left us way too soon. My life has changed so very much from that day 19 years ago... not all for the better... but oh how I wish he was here. I want to share with him my kids and  grand children.... oh he would be so proud of Ashlyn Grace and the beautiful and brilliant little lady she is. And the ups and downs he would have helped me through. There have been many times I cry out for him... and many times I go to the cemetery just to say hi. 
Although today I didn't make it. It would have been his 85th birthday today... we buried him on his 66th birthday and let 66 purple balloons go for him... maybe I will take some balloons to him this weekend.

I also sent Chad off to school in Santa Maria to Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts. I have cried over it for the last 3 weeks off and on... and yet yesterday.... I only cried the one time.... (sorry about that Antwon). I was actually pretty proud of myself.
Moving the twins from one room into the other, putting together an IKEA bed... and going through piles and piles of crap that has been accumulated over time (the thrift stores are going to LOVE me) but now I have Saren in her own room, Spencer in his own room, and I still have the porch light on for Chad... just hoping.... but I know he is alright... he is with great roommates and they are going to get to know each other... probably WAY more than they would like to over the next 2 years.

I have a meeting at school tomorrow and classes start on Monday.... it will be a VERY full schedule... but I have to keep my grades up! 

And through all of this my wonderful husband, Rodger, is as strong as a rock!!! Goes to work early, provides for us, and does it without any complaint.  I can't even imagine where I would be without him. Thank you Rodger for loving me and putting up with all that I dish out.

Okay I'm off too bed... 
Good night, Just Juls

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just one more grade to go.....

So far so good..... two of my three grades in... both A's!!!!! 
Cmon PowerPoint class..... give me an A!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Loves of my life....

My poor family... Summer Semester is almost over! Hallelujah! ASL Lab, Political Science, and Microsoft PowerPoint. I didn't realize how much time I would be on the computer. But hopefully all this time will turn out to a great grade. 

In June of this year, I actually had all SEVEN of my kids with me. It was WONDERFUL!

Here is the break-down of my favorite people.

1st Generation is my mom, Grace Jewell & my step-dad, Will. Then there is my husband Rodger and myself. Rodger is the best step-father I ever could have dreamed of for my 7 kids! Then my kids from oldest to youngest.
Adam 12/21/85 (wife Star)
Holly 7/1/87
Brittany 4/10/89 (fiance Jordan)
Ashlyn 1/29/10 (Britts daughter)
Courtney 8/16/91(Jorge- hus)

Emilio 9/3/12 (Court's son #1)
Adrian 4/11/14 (Court's son #2)
Chad 2/23/95
Saren 7/1/98
Spencer 7/1/98
Yep, they are twins. My 3 beautiful step-daughters all live in Utah. Brandi (RJ husband) Heather (fiance Esmond) and their son Jaxon 10/21/14, And Candace (a cosplayer)
 I have an amazing family. I know that no matter what problem I"m having... If nothing else... I have someone to talk to.
I love having them around and I have so much fun with my 6 grandchildren.
Adam & Star - Destany (10) and Harmony (6)  Adam's step girls.
Brittany- Ashlyn (5)
Courtney & Jorge - Emilio (3) and Adrian (14 months)
Heather & Esmon - Jaxon (20 monrhs)

I can't imagine my life without any one of them!! I would lay down my life for them and I'm so entirely blessed that they are mine for Eternity.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dateline: Thursday July 15, 2015 Time: 10:55pm PST
My AMAZING family!!! (June 6, 2015)

So very much has been going on in my life... right now I'm down to the last week of the Summer session at San Joaquin Delta College and I'm in Political Science, ASL lab, and a Computer applications: Powerpoint Class. I would be lying if I said that Poli Sci was my most interesting, probably my favorite class!! And since its an online class it is so very interesting to read so many different personalities and beliefs there are about the USA and all that entails its Government structure from the Founding Father's up to today. And with next year (2016) approaching and it being a Presidential year next I WILL BE INVOLVED- in someones campaign, the Republican party, or maybe some State issue- if I had to choose one of those it would be California's High Speed Rail
Spencer ready for Yearbook Pics

Anyway, other than that, Saren and Spencer had their Senior Pictures were today. What an eye opener that was. To see my babies sitting there, getting ready to start their Senior year at Bear Creek High School is a bitter sweet moment..

Chad has been accepted into the Pacific Conservatory For Performing Arts in Santa Maria California. Over 500 people auditioned for this school and they accepted 16 males and 16 females- so yeah this is a HUGE honor.  He has been up at BSA Camp John Mensinger for the summer but he had to come home this last Sunday morning. He broke his foot Thursday the 9th LARPING!!! For the love of all that is good.... LARPING??? ARGH!!

Saren being Saren
Holly is a nanny in Vacaville for these 2 beautiful twin girls.
Courtney, Jorge and their 2 boys (Emilio and Adrian) moved from Rohnert Park (Santa Rosa) to Manteca.
Brittany and Ashlyn came out for Ashlyn came out in June and Jordan Welsh came with them. He is Brittany's boyfriend, well now he is her fiance. He proposed before the two of them rode their bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge- they are SO PERFECT together.- I can hardly wait for April 16th to get here so he will be part of the family.
Adam is getting married on September 5th to Star. That brings me up to 6 grandchildren, Destany (10) Harmony (6) - Star's girls, Ashlyn (5) - Brittany's daughter, Emilio (3) and Adrian (14 months) - Courtney and Jorge's boys, and Jaxon (20 months) - Heather and Esmond's . And Saren & Spencer just turned 17!!!

I received my Ameriican Sign Language Certificate from Delta- saying that I am fluent in 2 languages now. How cool is that? I also  made Honor Roll too!

FOUR GENERATIONS: Me (48), Grace (my mom) (72), Brittany (25) and Ashlyn Grace (5)

Rodger is working for the enemy (Volt- a temporary agency_) and he is working at Apple, Inc. and of course HE HATES IT!!! I definitely need to put my ear to ground an find him a new job. He deserves to be happy.

He did turn 50 in June and Holly and Matt bought RUSH tickets for us to go on July 23rd. They are his favorite group and this is probably their last world tour. I am SO EXCITED!

Anyway, I'm going to try to get some sleep for the night. I have tons of stuff to do tomorrow.

Have a great night world,
Love Julie

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Well! How about that??!!

So I honestly TOTALLY forgot that I even had this blog and yet while laying in bed nursing a sore neck (story to follow) I somehow found my way back to the world of blog.

So much has happened since some of my last post... for instance... I saw that in April 2012 that Rodger had started Heald College.  Well fast forward to this last Friday.... and Rodger has COMPLETED Heald College with an AAS & AA!  And so our family begins this new journey called... finding that job..

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here is the Cliff Notes version of My10Kids...
1) Brandi married RJ
2) Adam graduated from ARC and now lives in Stockton with the Star of our lives.
3) Holly is working hard at the bank in Petaluma (worlds cutest town) and is the calm one in the family in a crisis.
4) Heather & Esmon had Jaxon...  can't believe he is almost 1!
5) Brittany & Ashlyn are AMAZING and still in Junction... oh how I miss them.
6) Candace graduated from Art Institute of Utah with her Bachelors!
7) Courtney & Jorge now have 2 amazing little men.... Emilio (2 yrs old) and Adrian (5 months) and Jorge is managing and and Head baker at Boudin's and Courty is Hiring Manager (and a bunch of other stuff)
8) Chad graduated from Bear Creek in 2012, after being the freaking PROM KING! And now is studying theatre at Delta
9) Saren is 16 and beautiful.... she owns backstage at BCHS in Courtney's footsteps!! Keeping the drama going in our theatrical lives.
10) Spencer is 16 and charming all the ladies... while playing basketball at BCHS!!
I'm going to Delta and taking sign language classes and hoping to start at Heald next year... I found Pinterest and am seriously addicted.... its the coolest dang thing....

Now... why does my neck hurt? Today we were in a car accident... NO I WAS NOT DRIVING AND NO IT WAS NOT MY CAR!!! Both are HUGE bonuses... at least to me.  Everyone came out of it a little shook up but none the worse for the wear except the cars... thats why we have insurance!

So I'm off to nurse my neck and get some sleep....
I will try to keep this updated!!!

As Always,
I'm Just Juls

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The game of LIFE...

Well okay... so there went the consistency.  I had really good intentions.  Now I just have to come up with some organization to get everything I need to do -
*Couponing *Family  *Friends  *Business (Ebay, Avon, Online)  *School  *Housework  *Church
and that's not even all of it... or in any order whatsoever...

I did do some things this month that I said I was going to do!!! YAY ME!! 
I hosted a card party- it was going to be at my house but then at the last minute since it was only my mom, 2 aunts and I, we had it at mom's.  I DESIGNED & MADE MY OWN CHALLENGE CARD AND THE CARDS TO GIVE OUT!  I only caps lock all of that because this is the first time in 8 years that I have designed and made ALL of my own cards!!

I had Saren & Spencer graduate from 8th grade yesterday!  So that makes this the first time in 14 years since I had last had ALL of my 'k-12 grade' kids in ONE SCHOOL.  Chad, Saren & Spencer will all be at Bear Creek High School!  LETS GO BRUINS!!  So now our family has 7 people in college and 3 in High School...
Here is my list... Brandi- back to college
                            Adam- American River- chemical engineering
                            Holly - BYU- Idaho, graphic design
                            Natasha- American River- Funeral Science
                            Candace- Art Institute of Utah- art/anime
                            Jorge- Institute of Technology- Culinary/ Executive Chef
                    and  Rodger- Heald College- Computer Science w/ emphasis on Network Admin.

Like they say... life is never boring....
at least not at my house.

As always... I'm Just Juls